Expedition Capital Advisors LLC


Expedition is continually pursuing new preferred relationships with best-in-class operating companies. Expedition has deep experience working alongside some of the best operating companies in the real estate industry. Expedition’s successful track record continues to be a guide as it seeks to add value to each operating partner.


Flexible Executive Team - Expedition is a lean, flat organization that is highly-responsive to each potential operator and investor. Expedition prides itself on providing quick feedback to each of its partners.

Access to Deep Capital Relationships – Expedition’s leadership team has invested in multiple real estate deals through both GP and LP joint venture structures, during their combined 100+ years of experience. As a result, Expedition has cultivated a vast network of both debt and equity capital partners. Expedition’s deep capital relationships create significant value for each project its partners pursue.

Direct Ownership Experience – The Expedition leadership team has significant experience being directly involved in the operator side of both development and acquisition projects. This experience allows Expedition to intimately understand the unique nature of each investment.

Long Term Focus – Expedition pursues relationships that are long-lasting, repeatable, and successful for everyone involved. Expedition prides itself on being a great partner and treating each operator and investor with the utmost respect and integrity.


Best-in-Class – Expedition pursues relationships with experienced operators that consistently exhibit the ability to produce superior risk-adjusted returns.

Entrepreneurial, Growth-Focused – Expedition seeks operators that desire to grow and scale their companies significantly.

Development and Value-Add Acquisitions – Expedition invests alongside operators that pursue ground-up development and/or value-add acquisitions.

Focused on Major Markets – Expedition is focused on major markets across the United States with compelling growth and demographics.

Strategic Product Types – Expedition is interested in operators developing or acquiring projects across multiple product types that strategically align with its investment objectives and strategy.

Relationship-Focused Partners – Expedition believes partnerships thrive on trust, integrity, and a mutually beneficial relationship.